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Week 27 ~ September 10, 2002
~ Too Busy!

This past week was full of new adventures with school starting again. It's almost like none of us remember what it was like last school year. The kids were so excited to finally get to wear their new school clothes, take their new backpacks, and walk into their new classrooms to start school. They go to a really small rural school where there are 2 grades in every classroom. So things don't seem that new that often. They have the same teacher for two years (which has so many benefits), have basically the same classmates, and know all of the teachers that they'll have the next year. But this year was different The school was being remodeled all summer long and the classrooms are all new, are bigger, and look and feel a lot different. Two of my girls got new teachers and different rooms than before. And they have a new principal, so that causes some change and excitement too. For me, it was a big switch because I don't have a Kindergartner this year, which means that my littlest one and I have all day from 8:30 till 3:00 before we have to go anywhere. I just love it!

My only problem with all this time last week was that I tried to fill it all up to overflowing each day. I spent the first whole day cleaning out this huge walk-in toy closet that's been neglected since last Christmas. I got it all done, but at a price of hardly being able to walk afterwards. Too much sitting, bending, and carrying for one day. I spent two of the other days out shopping -- making exchanges for school clothes that didn't fit just right, buying more food, etc. That wore me out too. And I think the new schedule of getting up earlier affected my body too. I was dropping off to sleep at 9:30 instead of the 11:00 range and was needing naps too. And to top that all off, this week became typical of my third trimester memories of not sleeping comfortably at night -- tossing and turning throughout the night. So I really wasn't getting the sleep that I needed each night even if I was in bed.

By Saturday, I came down with some virus -- I guess you could call it a flu. Just an scratchy throat, a froggy voice, an achy, dizzy head, and not a lot of energy. I can see that my body was trying to do too much too fast. I was even feeling throughout the week a change in my ability to do the workout videos that I've been doing so well for the past few months. The step routines seemed too quick; I needed to stop a bit earlier on weight reps. So I'm trying to get more rest, drink more water, etc. Always a challenge (well, the water's not a challenge, but it's hard to rest for too long when my bladder is always full). I'm hoping that taking it slower this next week will help me get my health back. And I'll try not to get too eager to do too much again once I am feeling better.

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