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Week 28 ~ September 16, 2002
~ Happy Birthday!

I spent most of last week going a little slower, trying to get my health back to normal after overdoing it last week. Whenever I get any kind of throat ailment, my asthma usually kicks into high gear. I've been on an asthma maintenance medication for a little over a year, but had to add another inhalant this week just to keep my oxygen level up to par. I sure am glad that I was taking preventative measures though because before I started doing this, my asthma used to really flare up at times like this and I'd be up all night coughing and wheezing for a couple of weeks. That could be as bad for the baby as it would be for me right now, so it's such a relief that the most I've been feeling is a little tightness in my airways before it's time to take my medicine again. I've heard that asthmatics can have flare-ups during labor and delivery, but I've never had any problems with that in any of my pregnancies. Thank goodness for that!

I didn't work out much at all. I did a little yoga one day and some light cardio another, but really could tell that my body wasn't up to it, so took it easy for the rest of the week. I was still able to get up and keep our home and family going, but also took many breaks and a few naps from time to time.

For a few days, I noticed that when I sat upright for any length of time, I'd get dizzy. It wasn't like a symptom from being ill -- it felt more like I wasn't getting enough oxygen to my head or something. It may have just been the position of the baby, but it was odd and I'm glad that it has passed.

We concluded our week with some fun and festivities. Our baby girl turned 3 on Saturday. We've been planning for this day since the summer. She decided that she wanted a Little Mermaid birthday. We dressed her up somewhat like a mermaid (not complete with fins, but I wrapped some green tulle around her waist like a sarong and we got the general idea -- I had high hopes of sewing, but as much as I hate to sew and with my lower energy level this week, the wrap was just the answer!)

I found a Little Mermaid barbie-type doll on e-bay a few months ago that was just like the one my oldest daughter had when she was little. I think it's a lot cuter than the one they sell now (the eyes are more proportionate to her face -- picky mom here :)). And when I was doing the e-bay hunt, she saw me click into a little girl Ariel doll that is bigger -- more like a baby doll, and is just so adorable -- she LOVED it (but it was really overpriced on e-bay). I stumbled upon it at the mall and bought it before I could blink. So the little (but bigger) Ariel was her big gift to open, and the regular one went on top of her cake. (I learned with my oldest daughter at her 3 year old birthday just to make a cake like a big rock and perch Ariel on top of it like she does in the movie. Very easy and super cute!

I decided to have her party at the school playground so I wouldn't have my house all clean before (or have to clean it again afterwards). We invited 4 of her little friends, their parents and siblings. Somehow with my children that totalled up to nearly 20 children, but it was really fun for all of us. We had a little lunch, the children played, and the moms got to visit away from the responsibilities of home. It didn't seem to take a lot out of me, but when I got home I took a nap for THREE hours! Wow!

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