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Week 29 ~ September 22, 2002
~ No Complaints

It seems like my pregnant brain gets dimmer and dimmer so that when I come to the end of a week and try to remember what the beginning of the week was, I come up blank! I'm continually finding that someone mentions something that I was supposed to know about (like a date and time for an appointment or event) or even a conversation that I was supposedly a part of, and I just have no memory of it. Then as time passes, I get vague recollections of almost remembering bits and pieces, but it comes back so faintly and gradually. So we'll just have to see how much I remember of this past week!

I do know that I was able to get going again with my morning video workouts. I got over my flu bug and got my energy back for the most part. There was one day mid-week that I felt a bit wiped out and took a 2 1/2 hour nap before the kids got out of school. These long naps always amaze me because before I was pregnant, if I EVER needed a nap, a brief 5 minute doze would suffice. Not anymore!

I think the day of the much needed nap was on Wednesday when my husband left in the morning for Germany (for a business trip -- he's super excited because he lived there for 2 years in his early twenties and hasn't been back). I didn't really get up any earlier that day, but did lots of running around, taking the kids to school, taking him to the airport -- he forgot something, so I had to go back home and get it, then going to Dr. P for my OB check-up, then over to the hospital (just down the sidewalk from Dr. P's office) to get my blood drawn for my Rhogam shot, then back home. By then, I was very ready for a nap. I think the part that got me tired was waiting in the Hospital Registration waiting room to get my little form for the blood work (and keeping my littlest one from jumping off of the chairs, twirling the "Be seated" sign around and around) and then waiting again for some time outside the Lab for my turn (somehow the chair jumping wasn't a temptation there, so that was a little nicer).

But how can I possibly complain? I have Rh negative blood and my husband has positive. So without any intervention (a shot at 28 weeks and another after each childbirth), there's a likelihood that my body could see my baby's as a foreign object and attack it. I know that my mom went through this with her 6 pregnancies and they didn't have the medical miracle of Rhogam shots back then. She had to get blood transfusions at times to prevent her babies from being harmed. But she wasn't complaining either because a generation before that it was even worse.

I didn't realize the severity of it until I read a Family History book that I have (my dad has a cousin who teaches Family History at a university, so he's written a few books about my dad's family back to the early 1700's). I have a relative (my grandpa's cousin's wife) whom I remember knowing when I was a little girl. Apparently, she gave birth to six children. Only two of them survived for more than a week. Most of them died within a day. And that was due to the Rh incompatibility. This continued as late as 1946 with no medical means of intervening either during pregnancy or after birth to keep those babies from dying. I never knew that growing up -- I just knew that they had two grown-up children that were my dad's cousins.

I'm so grateful for modern medicine. A few waits in line at the hospital and a poke in the rear end (yes, they actually give the shot there -- reminds me of being little) are nothing but blessings. And I should stop complaining about my memory loss too. That's not hurting anyone, now is it?

One exciting thing I've noticed this past week is that my baby is moving like crazy -- I love this stage! It makes the baby seem so much more real and like a little person that is growing and is anxious to get out! Just a little over 2 more months!

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