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Week 31 ~ October 7, 2002
~ Feeling Great!

I'm feeling great and can't believe I continue to feel so good! It seems like at the start of this trimester, all the third trimester woes of uncomfortable sleeping, lower backaches, and fatigue were setting in all at once. But now they are occasional if anything at all! I haven't had any back pain in weeks. I sleep pretty well at night (with 1/2 dozen pillows everywhere, but it works!) And occasionally I'll need a nice long nap, but for the most-part, I have the energy to get quite a bit accomplished every day. Hope this continues!

At my last OB visit, Dr. P told me that my baby's head was over to the left side. That seemed to help explain why I looked so different carrying this baby. Usually I'm carry the baby very compact vertically -- like there's a big cardboard box under my skin. But this time I've felt rounder more in the middle. And I've felt so much movement from side to side. Well, just a few days ago I started feeling the movement more at the top and the bottom. And I've felt more -- not really pressure -- but weight down in my pelvis. So I'm thinking (and hoping) that maybe the baby has turned and is headed downwards once and for all. I go into see Dr. P again in just a few days, so I'm curious as to what he says. You'd think by now I'd figure out how to feel for the head too, but I'm never sure what's going on in there :).

I got excited about the fall holidays and decorated our house for Halloween on October 1st! Very fun! Sometimes I wait until after my birthday (mid-month) to put up the decorations, but not this year. I'm just excited that I still feel like doing projects that I'm anxious to get going on whatever I can. With the exception of a handful of gifts, I have all of our Christmas shopping and wrapping done (some packages even addressed and ready to be mailed in December). I've planned out a different approach for our Christmas family picture and newsletter, that I just love putting together and sending out every year. It's a big project and I usually start it immediately after Thanksgiving to get mailed out the beginning of December. But I don't want to leave it until then this year. Too much right around my due date.

So what I'm planning to do instead is write up a "Greetings of Gratitude" letter instead to arrive for Thanksgiving. Instead of taking a wintery picture, I have a spot picked out at the school that fills up with big bright yellow leaves in the tree and on the ground (with a bench right in the middle). We'll go there for more of a Harvest-y Picture which will be a fun change. I feel like Martha Stewart marking my holiday season calendar with to-do's so early, but I have a little schedule for November of when I need to write up the letter -- get it printed, address and stamp the envelopes, take and develop the pictures, and mail them out. It's just one of my favorite holiday happenings, so I'm happy that I'm not going to miss out on doing it this year.

I started adding in a little yoga to my workouts this week. I was focusing more on cardio and strength work before, but was feeling like I should get a little more stretch and relaxation in between somewhere. So I did some yoga on Wednesday and Saturday and it felt wonderful. What a difference a little yoga makes! After my other workouts (which I still love and will keep doing as long as I can) I feel energized and excited like I need to quickly get going with my day -- cleaning up the exercise equipment, waking up my kids to get ready for school, etc. But after my yoga session on Wednesday, I found myself sitting in my rocking chair, gazing out the window (from the second floor), watching the deer graze on my lawn (which usually perturbs me, but not this time), and just not really thinking about anything. It was so peaceful and nice. Eventually, my husband walked through the room, kids started stirring and I got to my day as before. But it sure was nice to just sit for a moment with nothing on my mind.

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