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Week 33 ~ October 20, 2002
~ Very Organized!

See, this is what I get for bragging last week that I was sailing through without a troublesome 3rd trimester symptom! Not that this is too terribly troublesome, but it is something I need to take care of and be aware of. The past few days I've noticed my right ankle swelling up a bit by the end of the day. It's not super swollen, but I can feel it throbbing a bit, like the circulation is different and my foot is a bit restless -- and when I compare it to my left foot, there's definitely a difference. I noticed it first on Thursday, which is my big day of going, driving, going, and driving.

On Thursdays, I volunteer at the school by selling ice cream to the students at lunchtime (a little fundraiser that adds up and delights the kids). This Thursday I went a bit earlier and also volunteered in my older son's class. They were having their monthly "Cultural Day" and were learning about Canada and Alaska. I've only been to the southern-most part of British Columbia (when pregnant with my first child), but I brought pictures from a whale watching trip that we took up there, and read the class a book about Orcas. After school was out, I took my girls to piano lessons (1/2 hour drive), then went across town to visit an elderly friend at the hospital who just had back surgery just long enough to be back when piano lessons were over. We drove quickly (but not too quickly) back closer to home to get my son to his Cub Scout field trip in time at the Vet. Then I "ran" into the store to get some packaging tape and padded envelopes to be able to mail off some e-bay items that I'd sold (didn't know I was out of tape the night before while trying to prepare for the next day). From the store, we drove several miles to the post office -- just in time to finish wrapping up and labeling the packages before the post office closed.

While I was driving from place to place to place, I could feel my right foot feeling worn out from having to press the accelerator and brake so often. I used "cruise control" whenever I could. But I think I overdid it for that poor foot and ever since, by the end of the day, it's telling me "that's enough" by swelling up and making me elevate it and massage it.

I've been getting increasingly more excited as the week has progressed though. I'm almost to the "just 6 weeks left" point. I can hardly believe it. For me, that's the switch from counting down months to counting down the weeks. And I know how fast the last 6 weeks went by. These next 6 are going to just ZOOOOOOM on by. Am I ready? I sure hope so!

As far as Christmas preparations go, I'm pretty much as ready as I can be. All of my shopping is done and all the gifts are wrapped and boxed up according to which family they are for. I have all the teachers' gifts ready, but decided to wait until closer to Christmas to have my children make cards to go with them. They'll still have energy then and will want to do it more closer to Christmas I'm sure. I've addressed the envelopes (100 plus) for this year's version of Christmas cards (but for Thanksgiving instead). We just went and took our pictures at the school yard amidst tons of yellow leaves (hoping so much that they turn out wonderful!) My plan is to get the pictures developed this week, choose the pose, get the copies. Then as soon as Halloween is over (so I'm feeling that late fall, Thanksgiving spirit), write up the family newsletter, get it printed, stuff then envelopes, and get them out in the mail by mid-November.

I don't have the stamps yet. I went to the post office and they just had those old-fashioned cars and flags. But he assured me that they had several new styles coming in right away. So I need to remember to check on those pretty soon. Oh, and I didn't order address labels yet. I need to do that now! I've put that off because I couldn't find the one that I just loved this year, but the latest catalog that came last week had "the one" in it. So I've got to get hopping on that! My mom is planning to come for Thanksgiving and the whole week after to help me out, so I've already told her to plan on helping the kids put up the Christmas tree and decorations that first week of December. She's a little fearful of what all it might entail, but I'm sure they'll have fun with it and do a great job. Am I forgetting anything? I sure hope not. There will be little things to plan later in December (having the children dress up to act out the nativity and nice traditions like that), but those won't take too much out of me and just think, we'll have a very small, very real looking "baby Jesus" this year instead of a doll or a bigger baby that's trying to walk or crawl away. What joy!

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