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Week 35 ~ November 4, 2002
~ My Body Is Preparing!

Well, I'm on my way into my last month -- THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!!! I just picked up my tattered "What to Expect" book the other night after not touching it for months. I'd get so tired of always having to turn to the pages with the woman with the little tummy and the baby that was measures in single-digit inches. I don't like to think of my baby as that small and fragile. I want to think of my baby as one who would be strong if born at that moment. I want to think of my baby as closer to the baby I will know and love at delivery AND I hate thinking of how far I have to go. But now it's getting so close and I got to turn to the page that said "The Ninth Month!" How fun!

My Halloween was full of fun and was a bit painful too. My neighbor made herself a really cute pumpkin costume last year and offered it to me to wear this year. I usually don't even dress up -- just wear something black and orange or put on some cat ears or something. But I took her up on her offer. Like she said, I wouldn't even have to put stuffing in the costume to fill it up :). We went out Trick-or-Treating and I kind of forgot that I was dressed up half the time. But I certainly couldn't forget that I was pregnant. I kept getting those sharp pains that jolt down my top inner thigh. Have any of you ever had these? I know that I've had them late in other pregnancies from time to time. A few weeks ago, I'd get them in both legs and would wonder how I could walk, but they always go away after awhile. I think I read that it has to do with how the baby is resting on those nerves. Well, on Halloween night, the baby decided to rest on my right thigh nerve big-time because I could hardly walk a few steps without the pains shooting down my leg. I'd "youch" to myself, try to pound it out a bit and would keep going. We had spontaneously met up with some friends along the way -- all who have left their pregnancy day's behind and I doubted were interested -- so I kept trying to act like nothing was happening and like I could keep walking -- no problem. This went on for almost an hour. I was relieved with my two littlest ones started telling me that they were tired of walking up to doorsteps and would just stand with me on the sidewalk while the older ones ran up to the doors. That slowed us down a bit, then eventually I took the little ones to the church Halloween party down the block while my husband finished up a few cul-de-sacs with the older kids. It was so nice to finally be able to sit down!

A few days later, I ran into another problem. I'm not sure exactly what set it off, but that gluteal muscle that I pulled early in my pregnancy got ignited again. Sometime late in the day on Friday, I felt a lot of pain in the muscle and couldn't walk that comfortably. Sitting wasn't much better and trying to sleep was just horrible. I think if I'd been able to sleep on my stomach or back, I would have found some comfort. But no matter how I tried to stack my multitude of pillows, the muscle just burned. On Saturday, my husband and I got to go on a little trip by ourselves while some friends watched our children (they are a young couple without kids and offered to let us get away by ourselves -- was VERY nice!) My husband has a really small car and I wondered how comfortable I'd be on our 3 hour drive. I was able to make it work on the way there, but kind of giggled later on when I saw all of the toe prints I'd made on the inside of his front windshield. I must move around a lot! :) The day away was wonderful, but the return drive wasn't as pleasant as the previous one. I think it may have been those end-of-the-day twitchiness, need to put the feet up, etc. And my glute muscle -- just couldn't get it comfortable at all. It made me appreciate all that space on my bed when we got home. And I did wake up Sunday morning with less pain, so I think it's on the mend. I'll just have to be more cautious about how I move and what I lift from now on.

Last thing I just have to mention (and with great excitement!) -- I think that my body is preparing itself for labor! I'm pretty positive that Sunday morning I lost my mucous plug. This never happened to me in pregnancy (that I could tell anyway) until my last pregnancy. I know it doesn't guarantee any time-table for labor to begin, but it does mean that my body is getting itself ready. I think it's so fun to watch my body do what it's "supposed to do" -- moving right along until that baby is ready to come into the outside world with the rest of us! I just love this stage of anxiety and wonder. I never know how or when that delivery date will come, but it's sure fun to imagine it all and to see signs that mean it is on its way!!!!!!

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