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Renee's Pregnancy Journal

Week 36 ~ November 11, 2002
~ A wondrous and exciting time!

Day after day, I just keep getting closer and closer to my due date! The reality of another child, another baby in my life is consuming my thoughts more and more. From the practical things like where to have the baby sleep for those first few sleepless nights to how I will feel once again bonding and breastfeeding -- it's just a wondrous and exciting time!

My pulled gluteal muscle seems to be healing. I didn't do much exercise this week at all because on my second day of doing something light, it acted up again. So I'm thinking it needed a longer rest. Speaking of rest, I've been sleeping for longer intervals at night -- much more comfortable. And I haven't been needing to stop and take naps. I have, however, been pacing myself throughout each day -- trying not to do tooooooooo terribly much, taking some breaks to read or just relax here and there.

I went in to see Dr. P mid-week. It's been fun these past few months because I've been taking my 3 year old daughter in with me. She's become quite familiar with Dr. P and enjoys seeing him, chatting with him throughout my visit, and even gets to hold the little device with the speaker that lets us hear the baby's heartbeat. So we skipped along into Dr. P's (she even got to weigh herself this time) and were both delighted with the visit. Dr. P told me that I've begun to dilate a bit (just 1 cm, but that's a start and shows that my body's getting ready) and estimates that the baby is about 6 1/2 pounds right now. That was nice to hear because I've been early with so many of my children. With a decent weight this early, I'm not going to fear any early labor from here on whereas before I might wonder if the baby would be big and strong enough for it. Of course I'd rather have the baby be in the 7 or 8 pound range at delivery, but my two earliest have been in the high 6's, so I've had that experience with them thriving even at that size.

I took a little risk and went away this weekend like I did last weekend. Last weekend I didn't really give it a second thought. But this weekend, just being a week closer to my due date and having Dr. P tell me that things are rolling in the right direction made me picture what I'd do or have to do if I was out of town and my water broke or contractions came on strong. Should I check in to the hospital over there (3 hours away?) or just head right home thinking that nothing would get too far in those first few hours. But that wouldn't be the safest idea because there are only 2 teeny towns in between -- I think they have medical clinics, but doubt any hospitals. Didn't really picture myself enjoying trying to deliver a baby on a windy two-lane road.

After imagining all the possibilities and getting them all out of my head, I decided that we could make the trip to my niece's baptism and if something started, I could got to the hospital there and deal with what was happening in an accepting, mature way and not risk the crazy possibilities I'd imagined before. (And if I really had to have a "stranger" doctor deliver my baby, I could live with it -- two of my deliveries before were by doctors I'd never met before that moment).

But none of that happened. We went on our trip, had a nice time -- I got plenty of rest not being in my own home (got to read, take naps, and visit with relatives). It was almost like a retreat for me because when the phone rang, it wasn't for me. And my children were plenty occupied with their dozens of cousins. We made it home just about an hour ago and I feel no closer (symptom-wise) to labor than before. The only difference today brought was an overall stretched-out feeling of my skin. Maybe the baby's having a growth spurt .

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