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Week 37 ~ November 18, 2002
~ I'm ready for this pregnancy to be over!

This week has passed without a glitch just like the last, but it has ended with those feelings of "I'm ready for this pregnancy to be over!" I used to get that feeling much earlier, but now that it's here, I recognize it well! I haven't slept very well the past few nights -- lots of waking up, trying to get comfortable, never really getting comfortable. And I'm getting to where being awake isn't all that comfortable either. Sitting down or lying on my side is okay (adjusting my positions constantly), but walking around makes me feel like I'm a big old brontosaurus that pounds the earth with every single step.

This morning when I woke up, I couldn't figure out which exercise video to do because it was hard enough just to get myself up and walking. I finally convinced myself that I needed at least some light cardio to get my body loosened up and running. So I fast forwarded here and there through a Firm cardio video to get in the warm-up, cool down, and stretched with all the low impact segments in between. It was fun to do and felt good to be moving with at least the imagination of agility. (Good thing there wasn't a mirror in the room to verify the opposite!)

When I saw Dr. P last week, he was once again pleased with my progress. He didn't do an internal exam this time, but monitored everything else. For the first time this pregnancy, I'd lost weight (2 lbs.) since the prior visit. My stomach must just be getting more crowded. I do get full faster, but I also get hungry again not long afterwards.

I asked if he'd be gone for Thanksgiving since I'm due just the Monday afterwards, have delivered early in the past, and was concerned as to whether or not he'd be gone the week prior to my due date. He said that he's leaving the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and will be gone through the weekend. After looking at me, the size of the baby, and the calendar, he told me that if I hadn't started labor on my own (which he seems to think I will) by Monday, the 25th, I could come in to be induced to get things going. The last time I did this a week prior to my due date, my baby was born within a few hours, so I think my body would respond similarly this time.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to take him up on this offer for a few reasons: 1) Yes, I'm tired of being pregnant and would love to sleep on my stomach again and all the other glorious things that I get to experience and treasure after the baby is born. 2) My mom is planning to come help out next Sunday (the 24th) so the timing would be perfect for her to be able to help with the kids, get them to school and back, etc. while I'm in the hospital and still be here afterwards for another week or so after I get home. 3) The baby will be just be a week early on that date, so that doesn't seem too early or risky to me at all. 4) My friend, the Ultrasound tech, did a sonogram today and said that from the measurements she took (just an estimate though), the baby is about 7 1/2 pounds right now, so that sounds like a healthy enough weight for me (and I got to look at the baby's position, where the umbilical cord is, the heartbeat, and all -- very fun and nice to know all is well in there).

All that being said, I'd still like to have the labor start on its own beforehand, but we shall see. I've had some more pre-labor symptoms, but nothing to make it look like it's happening right now. I go in to Dr. P again in a few days. I'm anxious to see if I've dilated much more than the 1cm. a few weeks ago. I'll keep you posted. Anything could happen at this point!

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