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Birth Story
~ Meet Audrey Michelle

New Family!Friday before Labor Day we went into the doctor's office for an NST and a fluid check. My fluids were great and baby was doing really well. After the nurse got the results of those tests we met with the doctor. She checked me and I was still only dilated to 1cm. So we decided that the induction needed to be scheduled for the next Tuesday, September 7.

With no activity (labor wise) over the weekend I called Tuesday morning to make sure that we were still on for the induction and they instructed us to come in at 8am. We got to the birth center a few minutes early; our nurse showed us to our room and gave me a gown. By 8:30 the doctor stopped in, and I was still only 1cm. I stressed that I wanted to try anything before the pitocin, so we decided to try Cytotec. Cytotec is a small pill that they insert to try and ripen and dilate the cervix. The pill can be given every four hours, so I was hooked up to a monitor which monitored the baby's heart rate and my contractions. I was having some contractions even before the Cytotec, but they weren't being very effective in dilating or ripening the cervix.

At 12:30 the doctor came back in, and my contractions had picked up a little but not significantly. We decided to try another Cytotec pill; the doctor stated that many times patients need more than one dose to get things started. We waited another four hours, and during this time my contractions were picking up. At 4:30pm the doctor checked me again . . . still only 1cm!! So it was decision time; we had the option to break my water and see what happens from there, or start the pitocin. He also contemplated letting us go home and come back in a day or two, but because I was already 10 days overdue he took that option right off the table. We decided that we would break my water and reassess the situation in a few hours.

Daddy and DaughterAbout 6:30pm he came back in, and I was still at 1cm so there were no more options; he wanted me on pitocin to get things moving. So my nurse hooked me up to the pitocin and I was on constant monitoring from then on. We gradually turned up the pitocin; by 9:00pm the contractions were so strong and I was not getting any rest between them. I was working on my breathing techniques, but it still didn't seem to help much. I called the nurse to see what my pain options were. She brought in the doctor and they checked me again. At this point I was thinking that I HAD to be dilated more and if that was the case, I would try the shot (I don't remember what it is called) for some pain relief. However, I was still only at 1cm and my doctor said told the nurse that the pitocin really needed to start getting turned up quicker, so I decided to get an epidural.

After the epidural the pain was much more manageable, the tears stopped running down my face and my husband said I was actually smiling again. Thank goodness I got it too, because the nurse ended up turning up the pitocin about every 15 minutes!!! The next morning my doctor came in around 7am to check me one more time before the next doctor took over. I was dilated to 7cm!! We kept the pitocin going. At 9:30am the doctor that was working that day came in and checked me; he said I was dilated to 10, completely effaced and ready to go whenever. The nurse kept asking me if I could feel any pressure, like I had to poop, but with my epidural I couldn't feel anything.

They called the blood guy (I don't know his actual medical description) to come and draw some blood that was needed for my cord blood kit; they needed to draw some of my blood before I gave birth. He came up to the room and as he was drawing some of my blood, I threw up all over myself. It was so gross, the nurse helped me change into a new gown and clean myself up.

Then at about 10:15am I started pushing. The nurse said I was pushing really well and it wouldn't take long at all. They called in the doctor around 10:30am and at 10:46am September 8, 2010, Audrey Michelle was born! She was 8 lbs 8 oz and 20 3/4" long!!!

Audrey MichelleI did need a few stitches, but I was still so numb from the epidural that I couldn't feel a thing!! I got to hold her right away as they wiped her off, then they checked her over and bundled her up. It took a long time to get everything cleaned up. I was able to feed her within the first hour, and I was very happy about that. We told our families around 12:30 that we had had her and that we would be ready for visitors at 4:30pm. My husband went home to shower and take a little nap. Then when he got back I (with some help from the nurses because my legs were still a little numb) was able to go the bathroom, take a shower and get cleaned up before our visitors arrived. I know some people think it was mean for us to make everyone wait to see her, but for us it was really nice, we were able to clean up and also spend some one on one time with our little girl!!

Since her birth:

She failed her hearing tests that they give at the hospital. Apparently many babies do because of extra fluid still in the ear canal, etc. We have scheduled another test next week. However, we are not too worried because she jumps a lot to loud noises; she didn't the first few days, so I think the fluid still in the ear canal was a true statement. We also had her first doctor appointment the Monday after she was born, and she weighed 8lbs. The doctor asked us to come back on Friday to have her weight checked again; she said that she should be gaining about 1/2 oz each day so by Friday she wanted her to weigh 8 lbs 2 oz. Well we went in on Friday and she weighed a whopping 8 lbs 7 oz; she gained over an ounce a day!! Everyone is healthy and doing well!


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