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Risa's Pregnancy Journal

~ Meet Risa

Hi, my name is Risa (25). My husband , Robert (24), and I live in Minnesota with our two dogs Baloo (Doberman) and Cairo (Shiba Inu/American Eskimo Mix). I work for my dad. My dad develops land; I do all of the book work/accounting and pretty much anything that he needs. One of my dad's partners builds houses; I do his book work and work on his files as well. I really enjoy working for my dad, not only does it allow a lot of flexibility, but I get to see my dad almost daily! Robert and I also own our own business, Bob's Animal Friends. We do dog boarding, grooming, and daycare. He is there daily working and I (you guessed it) do the books! smile His family is also a big help with the business; his dad helps out daily and his brother works most weekends for us, so that we can have some time together.

Robert and I met through a mutual friend. About 2.5 years ago, I built a new house; I decided that I needed a little additional income so I took a waitressing job. That is where I met Katie; she worked with me and it turned into a great friendship. Katie and Robert had been friends since high school, and she said Robert and I were perfect for each other and HAD to meet. We started as friends, but as soon as we started dating, I knew it was over . . . he was the man for me. In June 2009 we were engaged and October 3, 2009 married! It has been a whirlwind, but we are very happy and excited for the future.

We talked about having kids before we got married, and we knew that it was something that we wanted right away. The Monday after our wedding, I went in and had my IUD removed. It only took a few months and we found out that we were pregnant!!

I am so excited to share my story with you!


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