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Week 10
~ I Can Eat . . . Finally

Ultrasound - face and bodyLast week at my doctor appointment my doctor suggested that I try Zyrtec; it is meant for allergies, but she said that some pregnant women can find some relief by taking that. So I tried it; it took a few days to really start helping, but I can eat food again!! Now that I can eat, I need to watch what I eat. Monday I probably ate 5,000 calories. Well maybe not that many, but I don't think I ever really stopped eating, and Culver's ice cream isn't exactly the healthiest choice.

I am also hoping to get back to the gym now that I am feeling better. I used to get up around 5:30am and go before work. I really liked that; it was sometimes hard to get out of bed so early but at least it was done for the day and I felt good the whole day too knowing that I had worked up a good sweat. Now getting up early is really difficult, actually just getting up on time is difficult! I was thinking that I would try to go after work, but my schedule is so busy I just can't seem to find time. Hopefully I will be able to figure out something that can work, even just a few days a week to start with; I really miss that feeling after you leave the gym.

Ultrasound profileWe had our ultrasound this week. That was so much fun! Robert was amazed how much our little muffin was bouncing and moving all over. I think he was really surprised how much it was moving and how real it made it. The best news, the ultrasound tech measured and said that I am measuring a week ahead of what we originally thought. I am not sure how this is, I was vigilant in keeping track of everything, but she said at this early of stage it was pretty accurate, so hooray for me!! Next week we have another appointment with the doctor, and I guess at that time we will discuss the due date. I am actually hoping that they move it up a week. I realize that baby rarely comes on due date, but when I am counting down, and believe me I am, it means I gained one week!

Other than that things are going pretty well. I still go home at lunch and take a nap; I get sick if I don't but that is minor compared to what I was feeling. I still am not really enjoying my pregnancy; I'm rather moody and trying to keep that under control seems to be more and more difficult each week. I also feel like I am getting chubby, the in-between stage of being obviously pregnant and just looking chubby doesn't do much for my self esteem, but the plan is to buy a few more maternity pants this weekend so that I am at least comfortable. I do have a few pair, but I have a hard time keeping them washed so that I always have a pair to wear.

I am hoping that they move my due date next week (giving me a "free" week)!!


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