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Week 12
~ Busy Week

Last week I forgot to update you on my due date. After our ultrasound I was hoping they would move it up a week. At my appointment, my doctor as she was gone so I saw a different one, and she said that they don't move the due date if it's within one week. I was disappointed to say the least, but I guess that means I am right where I thought I was the whole time, so at least I didn't lose a week. Baby is still due September 4, Labor Day weekend!!

So I ran out of Zyrtec this week . . . WOW I didn't realize what a difference that makes for me. I wasn't able to eat anything so I had hubby go get me some more. It takes until the second day of taking it to really work, but man do I feel so much better on that. I am definitely going to make sure I don't run out again!!

My back pain, sciatic nerve pain in particular, although I read it is common in pregnancy and not referred to as Sciatica, so I will refrain from calling it that . . . is quite intense! Especially at night when I lay down for bed, it is extremely painful. I have been trying different positions all week to try and ease the pain a little. So far it seems to be the best when I sleep on my left side with the body pillow between my knees. I will continue to do that, however, it seems to really tense up my shoulders, my muscles have been getting really tight and I think contributing to my numerous tension headaches. Maybe that means a 30 minute neck and upper back massage should be come routine!! smile Not quite sure how Robert would feel about that, but I say if it helps then go for it!!

The other thing I have noticed more this week is heartburn. I had it in the earlier weeks but as long as I took a Pepcid in the morning and one right before dinner I seemed to be okay. Now, however, that does not cut it. I save the one that I used to take in the morning and try to take it right before lunch, then another one before dinner or bed. In the meantime I have been trying Tums; they seem to give me some relief.

I finally made it to the gym this week!! Ok, so I only made it once, but it was a start at least. I also started women's Spring volleyball league on Monday night which kicked my butt; I was pretty sore after that. My plan is to just start getting up in the morning even when I am tired and hopefully the next night I will just be able to fall asleep a little earlier and get back in the groove.

Also, other exciting news, we are listing our house on Monday. I need this weekend to finish getting it cleaned, etc, but then it is going on the market!! I am really excited. We found a plan and a lot that we both agree on (which is just short of a miracle) . . . just hoping it sells quickly so we can get started on the new one!

I hope you all have a great week!


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