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Week 13
~ Finally Some Relief

I had a great weekend. Saturday night a couple of ladies that I play Bunco with put on a Ladies Murder Mystery night. It was so much fun. There were about 50 ladies there. I brought a friend of mine and we wore old prom dresses and decked them out with some gaudy jewelry, getting ready for the night was half the fun! All the ladies brought a bottle of wine to share (I brought cranberry juice and one other pregnant lady brought some sparkling apple juice) and there were also some appetizers. What a good time! I had never done it before, but I would suggest it to anyone that wants to have a party that is a little bit different! I am hoping that they make it an annual event!! The rest of the weekend I worked on cleaning and then just took it easy, the last few weekends we have been so busy I really pushed myself, so it was amazing to just have some fun relaxing stuff going on.

Dogs!Monday the house went on the market!! So glad we were able to get it cleaned and ready to go . . . now it's just waiting for the right buyer. The only sad thing is that my puppies are down at the shop (our business, Bob's Animal Friends) because I can't keep the house clean with them here. They shed too much and I would be vacuuming and wiping everything down daily. I miss them though; they are such lovers! Actually I find it hard to fall asleep at night now because I go to bed before Robert most the time since he is at the shop later and now without the dogs to snuggle with . . . I guess I just have to get used to falling asleep without any warm bodies next to me. Yes, our dogs are spoiled and sleep in the bed with us. smile

On another note, my big complaint this week is constipation!! Holy smokes, I tell you, it has been bad! I tried drinking prune juice; I threw that up, yuck. So then I bought some Plum Smart. It is a drink that is supposed to help with digestive health, so I am going to keep drinking a glass of that a day just to see if that helps at all. Also, someone suggested I try the Activia yogurt. I used to love yogurt before I was pregnant, but after I got pregnant I couldn't stand it. However now that I am further along and not so sensitive I am going to try it again and see what happens. I know I drink enough water and that also helps with keeping regular, so today I brought a gallon of water with me to work. I am just going to drink out of that today and see exactly how much I drink. I am not trying to drink more than usual, and I usually bring a big glass of water everyplace I go, but I never really know how much that amounts to be during the day. That way the next time I have a doctor appointment (1.5 weeks from now) I can tell them exactly how much I am drinking. Hopefully I will have it figured out before then but if not, I want help with this!

Other than the constipation, I can't complain too much. smile My nausea is so much better!! I have heartburn, but for the most part I can keep that under control. My emotions are out of control, but again, this is something I expected and I am okay dealing with it, compared to the first few months these symptoms are nothing.

Each week gets better; time is really flying by now that I am feeling better. I am actually excited to be obviously showing. Right now I just look chubby with a little gut but most days I can wear sweatshirts to work to cover it up. By the time the weather is nice I should be obviously showing and not have to worry about the in-between phase. smile


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