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Week 15
~ New Chiropractor and Kickboxing

I had been having a lot of back pain and was really having a hard time sleeping so I decided to go to a chiropractor. My chiropractor is located about 20 minutes away, and it just seems to take so much of my day when I drive there, wait to be seen and then drive back. So this time I tried a new chiropractor that was recommended by a friend. I went in; he cracked me, more than my regular chiropractor so I figured it should help. I also told him that I was having headaches quite often so he cracked my neck. I felt great for a few hours and then I felt terrible. I was in excruciating pain! I didnít get much sleep and Saturday I was still in a ton of pain. I rested on the floor and by the afternoon the pain finally subsided. I know he did things differently than the other chiropractor I normally see and even though I can say now my back seems to be a little bit better, I am not sure that it was worth it! Not to mention for whatever reason they donít accept my insurance there (my other chiropractor does) so I ended up paying a boat load after the adjustment. Next time I will just take the 20 minute drive to my regular chiropractor and skip the convenience of the chiropractor within minutes of the office!

Tuesday we had our doctor appointment. It went well; we were able to hear the heartbeat and everything is on track. We also scheduled our ultrasound; it is only two weeks away! So we will find out what we are having and make sure that everything is progressing in a healthy manner! This just happens to fall when my sister is home, and she is very excited. I told her that she wonít be able to go into the ultrasound (they only allow one adult in) but she can know what we are having right away (which is what she is most concerned about) and go to the doctor appointment right after our ultrasound and hear the heartbeat so that should be exciting!

I also went back to kickboxing this week, I hadnít been in so long because it isnít until 8:00pm, which means that I donít get into bed until 10:00pm. I try to be in bed by 9:00 so that I can get a good nightís sleep; however, I havenít been sleeping much anyway so I figured I might as well get a good workout in. The workout was great and I had the best nightís sleep that night! I slept 10:00pm-5:30am without waking up, which is unheard of lately!! So I think I am going to keep that up, itís offered twice a week.

Today my little Cairo decided he wanted to pick a fight with a bigger dog. He can be such a brat; he thinks he is the boss. Needless to say he got hurt, and he is at home for the next few days getting babied by his mommy. ĒsmileĒ They are normally home all the time, however, with the house listed itís too hard to keep it clean, but my naughty little boy picks fights . . . no more play time for him!

Hoping for an offer on our house, Iím anxious to get started on the new one!


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