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Week 16
~ Baby Poll

This week has been pretty uneventful. Cairo is doing much better and is back down at the shop with Baloo now. Itís amazing how much hair can accumulate in my house in just a few days! He was only home for about four days, but what a mess; I feel like everything needs to be re-cleaned. Along with the house, all the snow is gone from the back yard so I started picking up all the dog doo that accumulated over the winter, what a job!!

I have been doing pretty well this week, but still having some issues with constipation. I thought I had that all figured out, but it turns out I didnít, not even close in fact. I also feel like I have been pretty emotional this week . . . not something I enjoy at all.

My sister and I finally figured out what weekend would work for me to go out and visit her in NY. It looks like I will be going out there the second weekend in May. Now we are just trying to decide what shows we want to see, etc. I really need a vacation so I am really excited about this!!!

Also, next week should be super exciting. My sister is coming home and we have our ultrasound to find out what we are having. I actually didnít want to know at first; I was hoping it could be a surprise, but Robert really wanted to know so we are going to find out. Now that we decided to find out, I am actually pretty excited to know . . . just our luck baby wonít cooperate and it will still be a surprise! smile ha ha My sister took a poll of the immediate family to see what everyone thought the baby would be. After that, we started asking some friends etc, and so far a boy is in the lead. I guess we will know (hopefully) for sure next week. It will be fun to start planning a little more.


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