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Week 17
~ It's a . . .

ultrasoundAll week, I kept thinking about things that I wanted to say in this week's journal. Now I can't remember any of them! smile

We had our ultrasound appointment yesterday. Baby looks great! Baby is about 9 oz and I am still measuring a week ahead. We found out we are having a girl!! Robert wanted a boy, but let me tell you, he is very excited. I think finding out the sex really helped him feel more connected with the baby. We found some bedding that we like (on-line), I am really excited to order that sometime and get the baby's room put together, at least as far as bedding and furniture go.

ultrasoundOther than that we are doing well. I gained more weight than I would have liked since the last appointment, but I guess that really just reminds me to keep it healthy and in moderation. I can say though, that in the last two weeks I have definitely gotten a baby bump. It's HUGE, but at least it's just my belly and not the rest of me and I knew at some point in time I was going to have to grow. I just didn't realize it would happen so quickly.

This weekend my sister will leave. I'm sad, but at least we got to hang out with her for a while and she did go to our appointment with us. The ultrasound technician was super sweet and even let my sister come in after she had gotten the pictures that she needed for her exam (brain, heart, stomach, etc), and my sister was very excited about that!

I hope everyone has a nice Easter weekend. Maybe next week I won't be so excited about one bit of news and I can remember all the other things I was going to add!


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