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Week 18
~ Exhausted

This week has been exhausting. It seems like every night I am busy with something. I am excited for tonight because I have no plans, just going to go home and take it easy!
This week I have experienced a lot of belly touching. Ugh, my stomach has always been a "problem area" and I am still not comfortable with the newly expanding stomach. I don't want to offend anyone, but I am definitely not comfortable with others touching my stomach. When I see the hand reaching I am just going to place my hands on my stomach and hopefully they get the hint . . . however, if anyone has some helpful hints on this one, I would greatly appreciate it!

After we found out we were having a girl we looked online and picked out bedding/décor that we both like for the nursery. It was actually pretty easy; we both agreed without any major discussions. So I ordered it and got it yesterday. I have it all set up and ready to go! It feels so good to get these things crossed off my list. I know that I am ahead of the game on this one, but it's so nice and relaxing to walk into the room and see it all done. Obviously there are still some things that we need and will be adding to the room, but for now this is what we plan on buying. I can reassess what we need after I have my shower. I took a picture with my phone; it isn't the greatest representation and I took it when it was dark out, but you get the idea.

The families have been asking us what we are going to name our little girl. We made a compromise before we found out what we were having. Robert wanted to know what we were having and I wanted a surprise, so we decided that we would find out what we were having, but keep the name a secret until she arrives. So the family has named her Roberta for now! Haha. Robert's family names the first son Robert, for generations now, so since it is a girl everyone thought Roberta would fit. That will not be her name, but I guess every baby needs a nick name until they arrive! Ha!!


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