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Risa's Pregnancy Journal

Week 19
~ Definite Movement!

I tried a new chiropractor this week again. This time I made sure it was covered by my insurance. He did an excellent job too. My back is feeling better already. My neck needs some more work, but I am going again tomorrow and I feel really good about this chiropractor. He is super nice and makes it so quick and easy.

We lowered the house this week. So I have been spending a lot of time outside working on the landscaping around the house. Some of my plants needed to be trimmed in the fall, but I slacked last fall and it needs to be done now. So I have been working on that and picking the weeds that are already coming up! I am almost done with that, and I should be able to finish that in the next few days. Then it will be time for the first mowing of the season . . . and the hour long weekly chore begins. Our mower wouldnt start for me, so I have that in the shop getting fixed. I can also fertilize once we get the mower back; we have a nice pull behind fertilizer. I also have a manual push one, but it is very tiring on our large yard!

I am finally feeling movement. It seems like for weeks I have been maybe feeling it, but not ever sure. Id think I felt a flutter, but then think Id think I was hungry so it must just be that. I can say now, without a doubt, that I am definitely feeling her moving around in there! I was sitting at my desk at work, and she was kicking super hard. It was the first time I could finally say, with certainty, that its our little girl! I think if Robert would have been around he would have been able to feel it.

Two more weeks and we have our next doctor appointment and then right after that I head to the airport to go stay with my sister in New York for a few days!!


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