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Week 21
~ At the Airport!

This week I had the first random person ask me when I'm due. I was at Home Depot and the guy that was helping me load my vehicle asked me. I am taking this as a good thing! Like I told my friend Katie, must mean I look pregnant now instead of just chubby! smile.

This was the last week of volleyball. I had so much fun! Our women's league got first!! We played our first game at 6, won that one and then played again at 8 to take the championship. During the last game of the season, I didn't think, dove for the ball and landed hard right on my stomach. That was painful!! I wanted to beat that team so bad I didn't even think. I had been doing well all season sliding on my knees (with knee pads) and protecting my stomach. Oh well, we finished the game, I wasn't bleeding and not having contractions. By the time I got home, she was moving all over. My husband was at work so he didn't see it, however, I figured he would want to know so I told him when I got home. He was SO mad, he said he would have rather not known because it made him worry. So I called the birth center and let him listen to my conversation with the nurse and I think that helped ease some of his anxiety. That was the last game, so I will wait until she is born to play again. On the plus side, we did get first and $55 to a local restaurant, so we are all going to get together and have a few drinks (water for me) and appetizers to celebrate our win.

Today we had our doctor appointment, everything went well. She was not being very cooperative when trying to listen to her heartbeat, kept moving all over the place, little stinker!! Next month I will be doing the glucose test; that will be interesting, I have heard some stories! Ha, however, I did hear that they have a new drink that tastes like fruit punch so hopefully that is the case.

Right now I am sitting in the airport waiting to head to New York to see my sister!! We have so many fun things planned and TONS of great places to eat! Next week I can tell you all about our adventures! smile


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