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Week 22
~ New York, New York

My sister and I had so much fun in New York! We ate at some AMAZING restaurants; we had Thai, Sushi, Belgian, Indian, American Fusion, so many different foods. It worked so perfectly; we ordered an appetizer to share, a meal for each of us, and a dessert to share. We were able to try so many things at each of the places that way. Then after dinner most nights we walked home. There were a few places that were too far to walk, but we would walk to one of the subway stations and ride home from there. We did a little shopping; my sister had a gift card for Saks, so we bought a few dresses for the little one. smile

We saw Phantom of the Opera, and both of us were very disappointed in that. We have both been to some Broadway shows (her more so than I) and LOVED them. But we were both bored with this one. At intermission we looked at each other and both of us started laughing; we were each trying not to fall asleep. I just want to say that there were people there that were enjoying it. There were ladies all over the place crying their eyes out but it just wasn't for us.

We also did a lot of relaxing! It was really hot, without too much of a breeze, so going anyplace we were sweating like pigs. There were some days we just enjoyed a movie on the couch before dinner.

I am not sure if it was all the walking or what, but our little girl was going crazy kicking like mad after dinner when we got home and I laid down. Many of them were too small to feel for my sister but she did get to feel it before I left. Sometime it looked like she was doing a dance inside my belly; you could see her moving as she kicked, but as soon as my sister tried to feel it she would quit!

I am not doing very well getting to the gym, but I am going to continue walking. My plan is to take the dogs for a walk after work before Robert gets home. I should be able to keep that up easily enough.

We are still a ways away from meeting our little girl, but I am SO excited to see her. It really is amazing how much you can love someone that hasn't even made her big debut into this world. smile


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