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Week 23
~ Back to Normal

Not too much happened this week. Work was actually pretty busy once I got back from New York. I am all caught up now, so it is back to normal at work.

This weekend my goal is to get our taxes ready for the accountant. Yes, I know they were due a while ago, but we filed an extension. Our accountant had to have heart surgery and had some pretty serious complications, but she is back on her feet now and really cruising along with all the other companies. It is important I get everything done so she has it when she is ready to start on ours. We also have a showing on the house this weekend. We are still hopeful it can sell before the little one comes, although at this point there is no possibility the new house will be done before she is born, but it would still be exciting and stressful!

I went to Target on my lunch break today to grab a few groceries. Just my luck, I get home, open up the back of my vehicle, bring in a few things to the house and as I am walking into the house, I hear one of the gallons of milk slam to the ground. By the time I put the rest down the whole gallon had poured out on the garage floor! At least I bought two gallons so that will last long enough so I don't have to go right back to the store. When I was at Target I saw a friend of mine that I used to do kickboxing with. It was so nice to see her!! We are planning on going for a walk tonight.

The weather has finally shaped up; it's gorgeous out today. We had so much rain earlier this week, and it was so dreary, although our yard looks mighty nice after that rain. Hopefully it can stay nice out for a while so that I can enjoy the outdoors!


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