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Week 24
~ Cravings and New Bras

My big craving is brats!! Yummy, I went to the store the other day and bought 4 packs of brats, 4 bags of buns and then grilled them. The best part about having that as a craving is that I can grill them all at once and then just warm them up and they taste great!! The only bad thing is that because they are so easy to warm up and eat, my hubby eats a ton of them. The other night I caught him almost eating the last one; I put a stop to that!! I needed it for the next day! smile

I finally went to the maternity clothing store in town and bought some new bras. Oh my gosh, I didn't realize just how uncomfortable my old ones were until I bought some new ones. These bras are fabulous; I am so much more comfortable now and best of all they are all nursing bras. Once the little one is here, I won't have to go buy new bras, I already have some great ones I can use. I really don't like spending money on things like that, but I am so glad I did!

I tried walking this week, but it is so incredibly boring. So I decided to break out the rollerblades. I LOVE rollerblading and do it often in the summer. This last week was really the first time that the weather was decent for rollerblading. Oh my goodness, you would not believe the grief I got! Neighbors and friends were all commenting on how I shouldn't be rollerblading. Okay, so maybe it isn't the safest exercise during pregnancy, but I need something I enjoy doing and I really enjoy rollerblading. Plus with this gorgeous weather there is no way I am going to the gym to work out indoors. We have our next doctor appointment on Monday next week so I can check with her; if she says no then I guess I won't be rollerblading anymore.


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