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Week 25/26

We sold our house! We are very happy about that. I am working on finding a rental property for six months. Once the house closes, we will start building the new one that should all be completed in about five months but we will sign a six month lease to give ourselves a little extra time in case something happens during the building process. I have started packing up our stuff; we have a lot. Most of the stuff is just going to stay in boxes; the stuff we use all the time I will take out at the rental house, but I don't want to have to pack everything twice. So hopefully by next week we will have a rental all ready to go since we have to be out of our house in about three weeks.

We had our doctor appointment this week. I have been seeing a nurse practitioner; she went home sick so they had me see one of the MDs. We asked all our questions and then she measured me and stated that I was measuring a little large. I explained to her that I had had a couple of ultrasounds and each predicted the due date of a week earlier and that I had been measuring about a week ahead each time I had been in. So she took a look at my history and changed the due date to August 28! Hooray for me! Keep in mind this is something that I thought my normal lady I see should have done a long time ago. Anyway, I know babies rarely come on their due date, but I love being able to say that I am due the end of August which seems so much closer than September. smile

I also did the glucose test this week. Everything was normal so I don't have to go back and take the longer test. In addition we received our confirmation in the mail for our birthing classes and also the breastfeeding class. As you can imagine my husband is stoked about this! He does not want to go, but I know that when it comes time to have this baby he will be glad that we were prepared!

June is just a few days away and I am really excited, this month is going to FLY by, there is so much going on. We have two weddings, and I found a dress last weekend for the weddings so I don't have to wonder what I am going to wear smile. We will be moving into a rental property, closing on our house, my sister's birthday is at the end of the month, Bobby's brothers birthday is at the beginning of the month, etc. I am ready to be done being pregnant so hopefully with all this going on I will keep very busy and before I know it another month will have passed!!


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