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Week 27
~ Cranky

This week was tough. It seems like I need at least 10 hours of sleep to function and I have not been able to get that. I have been very emotional and crabby!! I went to the chiropractor crying yesterday because my back hurt so much. He was able to get me put back together and my back is feeling much better today. I am also having a lot of pain on my right side by my ribs. I can't find a comfortable way to sit, and it gets really frustrating. Everyone says to enjoy this time because it doesn't last long. Well I am not enjoying being pregnant at all! It's tough and I don't think my husband has a clue what I am going through. He tries, but he just doesn't get it and that is frustrating as well. Can't a girl get a little sympathy in this difficult time?

Last week's journal I told you we sold our house and were looking for a rental. Well we found a rental, but then we also found a house that we wanted to make an offer on. So we let the rental go and made an offer on this other house. It ended up being a multiple offer situation and they took the other offer. So now we are back at square one. I am going to wait until the inspection and appraisal come back, should be early next week, and then if everything checks out okay I will see if we can still get that rental place that we found. I have started packing, that is def a big job, but I guess doing it slowly is actually working out pretty well. I am getting rid of all the stuff we don't use so it is at least a good reason to go through all our stuff. Hopefully by next week I will be able to report that we have gotten the inspection and appraisal back and everything is okay and that we have a rental . . . that would definitely be a load off my shoulders.

We have our first wedding for this summer this weekend. I had my grandma alter my dress a little. I bought it last week but it sagged so much in the breast area, so she was able to take it in a little by raising the straps, now I just hope that it will fit for all three weddings we have!


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