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Week 28
~ Braxton Hicks

Good news! We got the appraisal back and it came back fine so we are a definite go on closing the house the end of the month. I also secured a rental house, so next week I am going to start moving some of the smaller stuff after work. I hired a couple guys to move the bigger stuff, so they will do that on Saturday and hopefully we can organized quickly. It will really help having time to move the smaller stuff first. Then that week after we get moved in we have the carpet being installed in our house in the office and the hardwood floors re-finished so we will want to have everything out by then. It is going to be challenging in this rental house since it is MUCH smaller than the house we are in now, but it is a good reason to get rid of some of the junk we don't need or use!

The baby is doing well; she is moving a lot. She is really starting to press on my ribs which isn't the most comfortable but I am able to push her away when it gets really uncomfortable.

Last week Friday night I had a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions. I had them for about three hours (then I fell asleep). They started about every 10-15 minutes then I had them like every 2-3 minutes. Since that night I have only had some very random ones. They don't hurt it, just feels like my stomach is tightening, sort of a strange feeling.

We also have decided that we are going to bank the baby's cord blood. So I have registered with a company and should be receiving the kit sometime this week. That will be something that we will pack in our bag to bring to the hospital.

I find it impossible to get enough sleep. I go home at lunch and take a nap that seems to help a little. I also have a cold which has been a pain in the butt this week; I've been achy, had a headache, coughing, ugh. Hopefully by next week I can kick this thing!!

Well it's time for me to head home for lunch and a quick nap, have a good week!


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