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Week 33
~ Thankful

Despite the fact that most of this pregnancy I have been complaining about all the "fun" things I have experienced, I feel the need to clarify that I am very thankful to be having a healthy pregnancy. I know there are a lot of families that are not as lucky as we have been as far as having a healthy pregnancy or even being able to get pregnant at all. I know that I have taken this for granted and I really am thankful that I am having a healthy pregnancy and that baby is healthy as well.

What a wonderful weekend I had!! My husband got home Saturday morning a few hours before the baby shower, so I got to see him for a few hours. Then I went to my baby shower. It was so fabulous!! I got some amazing gifts and so many things that we needed. There are only a few more things that we need and being the thrifty person that I am I am waiting for coupons for most of the items. I also had a wonderful turnout; there were only a few people that were unable to make it. It was so special to see my sister as well. We had a great weekend together; it seems so weird to say that when we will see each other next the baby will be here!

My husband and I had our second birth class (the first one that my husband attended, as he was gone the week before). Our birth classes start with information which I find very helpful and then at the end we do comfort measures. The comfort measures are going to be helpful when going into labor, but my husband and I are not "lovey dovey" in public so it is a little awkward for us. We still had fun laughing about it together and getting to spend sometime together. We both really look forward to the tour of the birth center, which will be at our last class.

I have started packing our bag for the hospital. Mostly just the little stuff that I can pack now and not have to worry about later. I also included clothes for baby and the cord blood banking kit. I actually packed more than just a coming home outfit for the baby, but I have so many adorable clothes and the newborn size only goes up to 8 lbs so I want her to wear it while she can. In addition to that I know we will have visitors in the hospital and she should look cute for her guests.

I am also starting to get the dogs used to the fact that there will be another little person in the house with us soon and a lot more gear. Her room has been set up for a while now, and I go in there a couple days a week and just sit in the rocking chair or put things away so that they can come in that room and not be scared. I also set up the bouncy seat and put it in the family room so that the dogs can get used to seeing that there. I have turned on the bouncy part and let them check it out, and I will turn on the music part and let them see what that is all about too. Baloo is such a big baby; he gets scared when things move or when things are in his way, so I put the stroller by their toy basket. It forces them to check it out before getting a toy. They have seemed to get used to that, so now its time to start pushing it around a little bit so that they don't freak out when we go for walks. They are both great with kids so I am not worried about that; I just know that it will be easier for them if I start exposing them so some of the changes now rather than everything at once.


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