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Week 34
~ Learning a Lot

Over the weekend I decided I wanted to go swimming. So I went and bought a swimming suit. The maternity swimsuits were awkward, showing a little bit of belly, so I decided to just buy a two piece! My parents have a cabin on the lake so I headed down there with a friend and her twin 9 month olds. We had a GREAT time. Being in the water was amazing!! The only bad part was getting out of the water; I felt like I weighed a million pounds. I do think it really helped a lot though. I am still going to the chiropractor twice a week, which is a lifesaver. However, he has been having trouble getting my back/hip back where it belongs the last few weeks, but Monday it was a breeze. I think the swimming possibly helped that; I am planning on swimming again sometime this weekend.

Monday we had our doctor's appointment. It went really well, and I didn't gain any weight, which was fine with me and the doctor since last appointment I gained like 5 pounds so I needed a couple weeks without any weight gain. I am still measuring about a week ahead, but our little girl's heart rate was great. The doctor said at this point (after 34 weeks) if I go into labor they will just let me go like I was full term. I didn't know that; I thought that they would still do some measures to hold off the labor or give some medication to mature the baby's lungs. I really had no idea, but I was very happy to hear that.

My next appointment they will be doing the Group B Strep test. The doctor also said that because I am having so many Braxton Hicks contractions that I could have my cervix checked if I want to. I haven't decided if I want to be checked yet or not; I guess I will just talk with the doctor and make a decision with her. We are seeing one of my favorite doctors that day.

Other good news, I found out that my insurance will cover a breast pump! I never even thought to ask about that until the receptionist at the chiropractor's office mentioned it. I was so excited I called and told my mom and she said she never would have thought of that either . . . makes me wonder how many other women don't know about this. Granted not all insurance carriers cover it, but it is definitely worth a call to them to find out.

The house search has come to a halt. We didn't get the other property that we made an offer on. So now we are just waiting for something else we like to come on the market. I am hoping we will find something soon though. This rental house is okay, but it would be so nice to have a house of our own again.

Tuesday and Wednesday we had classes. Tuesday was our third birth class. We learned about some different pain medications that can be administered during labor, etc. It was interesting because they passed out cards with one thing on one side and one on another (for example, IV on side one, No IV on side two, or Vaginal Birth on one side and Cesarean Birth on the other) and we were supposed to pick the side that we wanted for our labor experience. We both had fun with that because I looked through them and picked out mentally what I would choose and then Robert wanted to go through them and picked out what he thought I would want. He was actually really close!! There were only like two that we had different perspectives on. It was nice to know that we both know how the other is feeling and that he is going to understand what I want once I do go into labor.

On Wednesday night we had a breastfeeding class. My husband did NOT want to go with me to this one. So we made a deal, I told him if he was the only husband there he could take the car and leave and come back when it was done to get me. Well, he wasn't the only husband! There were only a few ladies there that didn't have their husbands/partners with them. So needless to say he got to enjoy that class. If you asked him, and maybe he wouldn't admit it, but I think he learned some things. I know I did. I had read about breastfeeding etc, but she was able to give some different pointers and little bits of information that will come in handy. I also think having my husband there helps him understand how it all works . . . not that he didn't get the main idea, but there is a lot more to it than just setting your baby and your breast and letting them eat.

Have a good week everyone!!


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