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Week 35
~ The last week has been pretty uneventful

We had our last birth class. We were supposed to get a tour of the birth center during this class. Well needless to say they were very busy apparently and the instructor of our class thought that we would see more if she showed us a virtual tour. First off, it wasn't a virtual tour, it was just a bunch of pictures, which gave an idea, but we still have no idea how the floor is laid out or where to go when I do go into labor . . . it wasn't helpful. As you can imagine I was absolutely LIVID!!! This was the part of the class that my hubby and I were most excited for. We both feel like we will be spending enough time there (at least two days) that we want to know where things are and feel comfortable when we get there. Our instructor did say that we could ask for a private tour, and we will, but Robert had taken time off from work so that we could attend these classes for the last four weeks and now he will have to take off more time.

Also, this week I have noticed that my stomach is larger than ever . . . still not gaining weight, phew, but it's enormous!! It makes it very uncomfortable to do some day to day tasks. Like picking up stuff off the floor, putting on shorts (my legs can't lift as high with the belly in the way), etc! Sleeping has also become much more difficult. I wake up about 3 times to use the bathroom, which isn't so bad if I slept soundly in between, but I toss and turn so much that I feel like I am awake quite a bit of the time. I guess this is a way to get used to getting up at night to feed baby.

I am ready for this baby . . . or at least for her to drop, my poor ribs would really LOVE a break from all that pressure and kicking! I realize once she drops I will be using the restroom more often, but I think that will be a welcome "problem" compared to the rib discomforts.

Our next doctor appointment is next week; normally when we go to the doctor I don't have any questions. However, this time I have two specific questions. 1. When can we schedule a private tour of the birth center, possibly right after our next appointment so that we are already at the hospital and don't have to make another trip. 2. Is there a medical supply store in town that sells breast pumps? I know last week I mentioned that I found out my insurance will cover one; however, it has to come from a medical supply store and when I asked at our breastfeeding class the instructor didn't know anything about medical supply stores in our area . . . so I am hoping the doctor will or I guess I can always call lactation services.

Until next week!


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