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Risa's Pregnancy Journal

Week 36
~ She Dropped

Last week's journal I said I really wanted her to drop so that I had some relief on my ribs, etc. Well the next day I noticed more room between my breasts and stomach . . . even my husband commented on it that night. It has been a welcome change. I do have to run to the bathroom a lot more often, but I actually don't mind that compared to the pain I was having in the ribs.

Our doctor appointment went well again this week. The doctor did the Group B Strep test, and we find out those results at our next week appointment. She didn't say what I was measuring this week but said that baby is growing. She did do an exam since I was undressed, and I am 1 cm dilated and the baby's head is engaged. I did ask her about getting a breast pump from a medical supply store or pharmacy and she told me that after I give birth the lactation consultant will come and check on me. Then she will help determine what kind of breast pump will be best for me and write a prescription. So I am going to wait until that to worry about getting a pump. I won't need one right away anyway so no need to worry about it now. She also gave me the number to set up a tour of the birth center. We have that scheduled right after our next week's doctor appointment so that we are already at the hospital.

The morning of our doctor appointment we drove there in my vehicle and drove home in my vehicle. I parked it in the garage for about five minutes while I went inside to go to the bathroom and fill up my water glass. Came back out and it wouldn't start! I had to have it towed. Thank goodness when I purchased it, it had a warranty that I transferred to my name, which is going to save me about $2,200!! I should have that back by this weekend.

So Wednesday the day after our doctor appointment, I went home for lunch, went to the bathroom (a frequent stop when leaving or arriving from anyplace) and noticed what I think was my mucous plug. I did some research on the internet and talked to a friend and I am certain that that is what it was. However, it seems that some ladies lose theirs a little at a time, so I have no idea if I lost it all or just a part of it. I also read that an exam, which I had had the day before, could contribute to the loss of the mucous plug and not necessarily mean labor was on its way. None the less, it is still exciting. I see it as a step in the right direction . . . that direction being labor, hopefully sooner than later!


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