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Week 38
~ Learning Patience

My mood has evened out! I finally accepted the fact that I am just going to have to be patient and make each day the best that it can be. Being in a better mood helped the week go faster. Also, the weather finally cooled down a little, which really helps make it less miserable stepping outside. I finally am able to go for a walk and sit outside a little.

Our doctor appointment went okay. I measured at 38 weeks, but . . . 0cm dilated. If you remember my last two appointments I was dilated to 1cm. Oh well, she did say that being dilated is nice, less I have to dilate when I go into labor, but she said some women don't dilate until they go into labor anyway, so she said it really isn't that much of a tell tale sign that labor is coming soon. She also said that next week if they can and I want them to they will strip my membranes. Not sure how I feel about that yet.

My contractions are getting more intense or stronger as the week goes on; a good sign that we are getting ready at least. They aren't excruciating or anything, but I do find myself saying "oooh" when they happen now. Before it was just a tightening, now it is more like a crampy feeling.

Really has been a pretty quiet week, my husband's car is in the shop, so we are again down to one car. But I believe it is a minor thing so hopefully we will get his back today. In the mean time the house hunt continues; we did look at a nice one today, but I am just not sure. We will talk about it tonight and see what we are both thinking. It has some really nice features, but a few things that I didn't care for so much.


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