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Week 39
~ Emotional Rollercoaster - Again!

Halloween OutfitI feel as though I am back on the emotional roller coaster again, feeling positive one day and not at all positive the next. I had a really great weekend. My dad was in Canada fishing and my hubby worked all weekend so my mom and I were able to hang out a lot. Neither one of us really like to shop, but Sunday we had lunch and needed something to do, she had a gift card for Gap so we went to the mall. She found a sweater and then still had money on the card so we went over to the kids' section. We found the cutest Christmas Dress; she bought it and is going to wrap it and give it to us later for "Mildred" to wear her on first Christmas. Then I suggested we go to Babies "R" Us, which is really close to the mall. There I found her a Halloween outfit. It is super cute! It is a little monkey outfit; it looks a little boy-ish, but I figure if I add a pink bow by the ear it will make it look girly enough.

Then Monday we had our week 39 appointment. We are still down to only one vehicle; I was expecting his to be done before the weekend, but that didn't happen. Anyway, I woke up very cranky! We went to the doctor appointment, and when they asked me if I wanted a cervical exam, I said no. I figured I am already in a bad mood, and even if I am dilated it really doesn't mean that much, so we skipped it. The doctor measured me; I am not sure what it ended up being, he didn't say and I didn't ask. We listened to her heartbeat, still strong. He didn't say anything about having the option of stripping my membranes, but I think maybe that is because I opted out of the cervical exam. Then before we left we made another appointment in a week. BOO, that means if I end up at that appointment I will be overdue two days. I know that isn't uncommon for first time moms, but come on . . . this mom is ready to be done!!

Also, thinking ahead I am doing some research on post-partum depression. It is something that I hope won't happen to me, but to be honest it is so likely that I want to know about it beforehand and be prepared. I have been so stressed. So much going on at work, Real Estate transactions falling apart, Animal Friends accounting work needing to get entered, but not enough time, trying to find a house that we both agree on (might be impossible) and to top it all off, I thought that by completing one more class I would have all the continuing education I needed to renew my Appraiser License, however, somewhere I miscalculated and need 11 more hours . . . which I have to get in the next five days (counting today). My limits have been far exceeded!! I am going to see if I can just work half days next week so hopefully will help the stress level go down.

Here's to hoping I can get everything done! Until next week . . .


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