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Week 4
~ Best Christmas Gift Ever

Robert and I have a lot of extended family which we still celebrate Christmas with, so we had quite a few Christmas celebrations to attend. We decided that we would do ours early, so that we could celebrate together. We opened our gifts together; I love massages so he bought me a massager. It was one that you could set in a chair or lay on the floor or the bed. We tried it out and were both disappointed with it, so I said that we should return it and just get our money back; it really was the thought that counted! He said, "Well honey, I still might have given you the best gift of all."

My next period was to arrive on December 24. On the night of the 22nd, we talked about it and I said that I was going to test early because I just had a feeling. The next morning Robert had to be to work early. I got up and tested and there were two lines!! Pregnant!

I had to wait all day to tell anyone because I wanted to tell my husband in person, but I wouldn't see him until later that night. When I got home from work, he was sitting on the recliner. I went into the living room and asked him, "Guess what you gave me for Christmas?" He just looked at me like really, Risa you better not be joking! We are having a baby!!!

So for Christmas we decided that we should tell our parents and our siblings. They would all be super excited and we wanted to include them in our happy news. I told my sister before I told anyone; I promised her long ago that she would be the first to know. We bought Christmas Cards for our parents, and the cards said something about being grandparents. Needless to say they figured it out right away and were very excited for us. As for the rest of the world, we decided to wait until after our first doctor appointment, which was scheduled when I was at nine weeks.


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