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Risa's Pregnancy Journal

Week 40
~ Final Pregnancy Journal Entry

Saturday was my due date. Since there was no sign of the baby coming, I decided I needed a massage!! So I got up and cleaned the house; the dogs went back down to Animal Friends so I was able to get the house cleaned in record time. Then I relaxed a little until my massage appointment. It was really nice; the girl I had was great and it really was relaxing . . . just what I needed.

Then on Sunday I woke up with a headache. My husband went to work and I went out to eat with my parents. Then we ran some errands, my dad is working on fixing up a house and I have been working on getting a bid on some cabinets for him. As it turned out we were able to get a really good deal at Home Depot, but we had to purchase them this weekend so we went and did that. Then my dad decided he needed some new shorts and since all the sales are going on now for summer clothes we decided that it was a good time to go look and get some at a discount. After that they dropped me off at home, and I took a nap. When I woke up from the nap my headache had turned into a full blown migraine. I tried everything, Tylenol, Icy-Hot, a warm shower, a warm and cold compress to the forehead and the neck . . . nothing worked. Needless to say Sunday night I didn't get much rest.

Monday morning I was in excruciating pain (from the migraine still). I didn't have an appointment at the chiropractor, but I knew if I got there right away in the a.m. that he would get me in and he did. He was really excited for me because I was much looser than I have been, which he says is a sign that she is getting ready to come, my body is loosening up. He also did a lot of extra work on my ligaments in my rear end and by my hip bones to help loosen up my pelvis. He was amazed at how low she was sitting and said that it will happen this week. I certainly hope he is right.

We also had our doctor appointment on Monday. The doctor said I am dilated to 1cm, but I have an unfavorable cervix. What she meant by that is that it isn't thinning out or softening at all. So she said that she expects me to have to be induced . . . not what I wanted to hear. However, this is the plan. Friday we will go in for a fluid check and also some testing, she called it something other than a non-stress test, but essentially they will monitor both me and the baby for an hour to make sure everything is still okay. If it everything is still okay, we will schedule an induction for Tuesday or Wednesday after Labor Day, but hope that over the weekend labor will start on its own. I am hoping that she will come on her own, but I do have my doubts. If something looks wrong with the tests then they will induce me Friday.

My plan was to try and have a natural birth. I really do not want to be put on Pitocin, so if Friday comes and they schedule an induction for next week, I am going to talk to her about some other options. I would prefer that they use prostaglandins to ripen the cervix and then if they need to break my water . . . we will see what the doctor says about that, but I would much prefer that method than putting me on Pitocin right away. I realize that I might still have to be put on Pitocin, but hopefully they will be open to me trying something else first.

I also asked her if I could take anything for my migraine besides Tylenol. She said no, but suggested that I go home, take some Unisom and sleep. So I called my dad and told him I wasn't feeling well and was going home. I took 1 Unisom, got up a few times to go to the bathroom and grab something to eat, but ultimately slept from 11am to 7:30pm when my hubby got home. I watched tv until 9, then we went on a walk and I was asleep again by 10:30. I feel pretty good today, rested at least and no migraine!

A couple weeks ago in my journal I said I thought that I had lost my mucus plug. Well I did read that some people lose theirs a little at a time, which is happening to me, because I am noticing that I am seeing more today. Hopefully yesterday's cervix check will loosen things up. I have been having some more contractions since the exam; hopefully they will get things started.

Today is Thursday; I again have a headache, not a migraine yet, so hopefully I can stop it before it gets that far. I wonder if I am just not getting enough sleep. I guess tonight when I get home from work, I will take some more Unisom and just sleep and hope that helps. Well, no matter what happens (either natural labor or induction), this will be my last pregnancy journal. The next and final entry (Sad) will be our birth story (exciting!!).


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