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Risa's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 5 & 6
~ First IV and Maternity Pants

We still haven't had our scheduled OB appointment, but I was feeling horrible. When I got out of bed in the morning I would go and lay down in the closet which is through our master bathroom, then I would take a quick shower, lie down again, get dressed, and then sit down and dry my hair; it was exhausting! I didn't make it more than a few hours at work either. One morning I went into my dad's office sat in one of the chairs and just started bawling. I told him that I just wanted to go home, he didn't have to pay me, but I just couldn't do it anymore. Ugh, so I went home, I didn't get out of bed except to worship the porcelain god the rest of the day.

Wednesday morning I called the doctor's office, and they scheduled a hydration test for me. I went in right away; the doctor determined that I was dehydrated. They gave me an IV with two bags of fluid. In one of the bags, they gave me some Zofran. That helped so much that first time, it was amazing. She sent me home with a prescription. Unfortunately that was short lived because the pills didn't work at all.

I went out and bought a few maternity pants, not because mine didn't fit, but because anything that is even remotely tight on my stomach makes me so sick. I also don't like anything touching my throat, so I try to wear loose fitting shirts that I can pull down away from my throat. I feel bad to be in maternity pants already, but it really does make it much more comfortable with the stretchy belly on the pants.

Work is still difficult; I go for a few hours in the morning, then head home (only 1o minutes away) for about two hours then head back to the office for a few more hours. After work, I go straight to bed. I joke now, that our bedroom is the living room, gathering room, dining room, and bedroom, multifunctional!


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