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Risa's Pregnancy Journal

Week 7
~ Time to Tell

My sister came home this weekend. She lives in New York, and it was so nice to see her again! We went out to eat with my grandparents (both my mom's parents and dad's parents) along with my parents and my sister and I. I decided that I would tell them about the baby. We were going to wait until after the first doctor appointment, but because I had been so sick, the flu was becoming less believable and people we worrying that I would get them sick.

They were both very excited. This will be the first great-grandchild for both my sides of the family, as well as Robert's. My mom's mom loves to garage sale, so I am really excited to check out the garage sales this summer and get some supplies for cheap. It really is amazing what you can find at garage sales. Many times we find brand new never been worn clothes because the child grew too fast and just had too many clothes, plus they are a lot less expensive than buying them at the store!

So many exciting things to come!


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