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Risa's Pregnancy Journal

Week 8
~ Second IV and an Ultrasound!

Once again, I'm battling keeping anything down. This has been going on for awhile and I just try to battle it at home as best I can. Wednesday I was at home, and Bobby stayed with me in the morning and then went to work around noon. I hadn't been able to keep anything down, including water or any liquid and I was miserable, so I called the doctor's office again, crying. The nurse must have thought, "Oh lord, hormones!!" Anyway, they scheduled another hydration test. I had to be there within 30 minutes, and I wasn't sure that I could drive myself, but there wasn't any way that Robert could get home from work and get me to the appointment on time, so I drove very safely.

When I got there I met with the nicest doctor. She was so compassionate and really cared that I just felt like dying! She said that I needed another IV, and that I probably should have went in sooner, but at least I was there then. She prescribed Phenergan, another anti-nausea drug, but it ended up not working for me either. Then she checked me out a little bit. She tried to listen to the heartbeat, but was unable to get it, so she went and grabbed a portable ultrasound machine. I was so worried, but everything turned out to be fine and I was able to see our little muffin! I got to see its little heart beat, beating so fast, it was amazing. Before I went to get the IVs the doctor suggested that I try and drink Ensure which would at least help keep me hydrated and hopefully control the weight loss I was experiencing.

When I got home I told Bobby about the ultrasound. He was so disappointed he wasn't there, sad . . . but at least I reassured him that we had a healthy baby!


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