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Week 9
~ Our First "Real" Doctor Appointment

Well, this week was a little better. I was able to drink Ensure and keep fluids down. I still wasn't able to eat any food except maybe a few crackers and a slice of cheese, but at least the ensure has the nutrients that I need. At this point I have missed more work this last month than I have missed in the last 5 years of sick days.

We had our first "real" appointment. It was a long appointment, but at the end of the appointment, my doctor listened for the heartbeat, and we were able to hear it! It is amazing that a week ago, we weren't able to hear it. There is so much changing and baby is growing so much, so fast! Our little muffin had a healthy 170 beats per minute.

My doctor scheduled an ultrasound next Tuesday to determine the due date. Since I had the IUD I didn't have many periods to go by and the ones I did have were very random. However, I am very confident that I am right on. I kept amazing track of my periods and ovulation dates. I am not disappointed that we get to have an ultrasound though. This time Robert will be able to be there, and I am hoping that we are able to get a picture or two. She also scheduled another check-up for two weeks; normally it's four weeks, but since I have been so sick, she said that she didn't want to wait that long. Again, I am not disappointed; we will get to hear the heartbeat again.

Even though I have been incredibly sick and my bed is where I spend 75% of my time, I am trying to remind myself why I am so sick. I have a baby, our baby, growing inside me! I am excited for what is to come, trying to stay positive right now . . . that can be difficult at times.


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