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Risa's Pregnancy Journal

Week 11
~ A Clean House

I finally took the time to get the house cleaned, and man it feels good. I have so many things that I want to do and I keep adding to the list. I decided while cleaning that my desk, which shared Audrey's playroom, was just too big and needed to go. So I had Bobby help me, we got the desk removed and all of the "stuff" that was on it along with a dresser that I was using for storage. I am selling the desk on craigslist and the dresser fit really well in our bedroom. I moved my essential work stuff to the small desk that is built in the kitchen and so far I really like that setup. The best part is that Audrey has a much bigger play area and we can use more of her toys and keep things organized. I still need to buy some shelving or bookcases so that her toys can be put away and look nice, but so far I think we both like this new setup.

I have been looking at furniture for the new baby's room. I think I found a crib I like, but I seem to be changing my mind on the color of wood I want in that room. I have plenty of time, I just like to try and stay ahead of things so that I don't get too overwhelmed later on.

Baby is doing well. I am still getting sick and now I have a cold to contend with as well. The other night I was having a difficult time breathing because of it, hopefully that won't last too long.

The weather is starting to get nice, and Audrey loves to play outside. She isn't very patient in a stroller though. She is such a little busy body she has to be moving all the time. Although I am glad she is active, I am hoping that this baby will be a little more laid back that Audrey.


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