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Risa's Pregnancy Journal

Week 12
~ Starting to Feel Better

Good news. I am starting to get some more energy and I am also feeling better during the day. Nights are still tough, but feeling better during the day really helps. With that being said, I sold my desk and we have gotten Audrey's playroom all organized. I LOVE it; it's so much fun.

My cold is also much better; I am still a little stuffy, but much better than last week. The bad news, I think I passed it on to my mom and my sister. I feel bad that I shared with them and I am hoping that they can get over it rather quickly.

I have been working very hard at not gaining too much weight. My cousin and I have been walking a few times a week and I have been eating pretty healthy, at least most of the time. I am excited for the pool to open in June. I am planning on swimming laps in the morning, but until then I am seriously considering going back to the gym. The gym that I was going to is solely based on classes. Three days a week we do kickboxing and the other three days a week we do strength training. I really liked the classes, but they are very intense and the drive is 20 minutes each way, which uses a lot of gas. We are trying to be very budget conscious and that's a lot of gas money. It is something to think about anyway.

I am back in my pre-pregnancy clothes. You know I feel better when I can wear jeans. The reason I had been wearing my maternity clothes wasn't because my clothes weren't fitting, but because I liked the stretchy bellies so that I didn't have anything too tight on my belly. I will say though, it feels pretty good to be back in my regular clothes.


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