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Week 14
~ Dreaming

I have been waiting for this baby to kick and I am looking so forward to it. The other night I woke up to go to the bathroom and wasn't able to fall asleep afterwards, or so I thought. I dreamed the baby was kicking, but not just little flutter kicks, but kicking so hard it was like it was trying to get out! I remember thinking I should set Bobby's hand on my stomach so he could feel it, but he was sleeping so I figured he wouldn't remember it. Then I remember thinking that I was so excited because I could write in this week's journal, not only that we had a doctor appointment, but also that felt the baby move. I thought I was awake, but I haven't felt the baby move since so it had to be a dream, but man it felt so real!! I have been having a lot of dreams lately that seem so real, I wake up and it takes me a few minutes to realize that it was just a dream.

This week we had our second doctor appointment. It went really well, and I had maintained my weight (Go Me)!! We also heard baby's heartbeat, such a wonderful sound! We set up our ultrasound which will be at the next appointment, four weeks from now. When we had Audrey, I wasn't sure that I wanted to know the sex. My husband really wanted to know and I didn't think that it would work for him to know and for me not to know. So we found out. I was so happy that we did, I love going to garage sales and we had a ton of clothes and other items that I paid so much less for. So for this baby I am sooo excited to find out the sex. I was joking with my doctor that because I want to know so badly this time, baby probably won't cooperate and we won't know anyways!

Speaking of going to garage sales, I have been buying a few things. We have plenty of girl clothes and won't need to worry if we have a girl. We do not have any boy clothes, so if I am at a garage sale and they have some cute stuff at inexpensive prices I have been buying them. I figure I can always resell them or give them to my cousin if she ends up having a boy and we don't.


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