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Week 15
~ Feeling Heavy

I have this weird sensation lately. My uterus feels very heavy! I don't remember this the first time around. It's not all the time either, just random times. It's such a weird feeling. I can tell my uterus is growing though; it is now about 1.5 inches from my belly button. I don't remember being able to tell the first time where my uterus was either. Maybe I just wasn't as observant.

A couple days this week I was so hungry and tired. Baby must really be growing!! I am managing my weight gain. I never have been one to weigh myself; I just judge how I feel in my clothes. But this time I have been weighing myself daily so that I can just keep an eye on it. I don't want to obsess about it, but it's hard to keep a handle on it if I am not watching it.

So last week we found out Audrey had a UTI. She is off her medication now, but since she is so young we need to do some more testing. A week after my ultrasound she will have a renal ultrasound and a VCUG. The VCUG, they put a catheter in fill up her bladder with a dyed liquid and wait for her to urinate. These tests will look to see if her urine is backing back up into her kidneys and/or bladder. We are not looking forward to these tests, but hoping that we will have good news and her UTI was just a onetime thing!

Have a great week!

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