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Risa's Pregnancy Journal

Week 17
~ Going Quickly

This pregnancy is going so quickly. I don't have much to report on the baby this week. Everything seems to be going well. It just is going so quickly!

I thought that Audrey had another UTI, so I took her in yesterday. Thankfully she did not. I also met with another doctor, she suggested that we cancel the VCUG because Audrey does not have a history of UTI's or a family history. I am so happy about this; I did not want to have to do that invasive testing. We are still going to do the ultrasound and if there is any abnormality in her kidneys schedule a VCUG, but I don't think there will be anything.

My sister is coming home this week! She actually got a job back in Minnesota so will be moving home from NYC the end of June, but she still had a week vacation left so she is using it for this coming week. Also, she is super excited that she will be able to go to the ultrasound appointment. She was able to go to Audrey's and now she will get to go to this one. They won't let her in the room right away, but last time after they had gotten the information they needed they let her come in and see. Hopefully they will do the same this time.

Have a great week!

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