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Weeks 18 & 19
~ We are having a . . .

So week 18 was a blur. Very busy with my sister being home and honestly went so fast I can't even remember what happened so I am combining my entries for week 18 and 19.

Week 19 we had our ultrasound. We are having another little girl. Bobby and I knew within minutes of being in that ultrasound room that it was a girl. The ultrasound tech hadn't even asked us yet if we wanted to know and there was a perfect picture of two little legs and absolutely nothing in between. We both knew . . . another girl! Bobby was pretty disappointed for the first few hours; he really wanted a little boy. He has always said two kids and that was it, so for him, that was it, no more chances. However, we will see how it goes; I wouldn't rule out three kids (not that that guarantees him a boy either). By the end of the night though, he was pretty excited to be having another sweet little daddy's girl! During the ultrasound the tech was ruling out all of the bad things, so we were very thankful to find out that this little girl is very healthy. She weighed in at 10 ounces and is measuring one day ahead of our due date.

Once we found out we were having a girl my grandma and I went to the fabric store and found some fabric for my grandma to make her quilt out of. Since then I have been working on a chandelier (made from ribbon) for her room. I have also been working on a crib skirt and crib bumper. I decided I would make the items that I wanted so that they could be exactly what I wanted. We are going to have to re-paint the room, but I am hoping to get all of the items made and then decide on a color. I should have a picture next week of the chandelier.

We also got some great news this week for Audrey. We had her ultrasound as well and her kidneys are normal so there isn't any more testing that needs to be done. I am still keeping an eye out for UTI symptoms but she has a clean bill of health so we are very happy about that!!

I have been thinking of lots of projects I want to get done around the house. Some more lofty than others! Hoping to get a lot of my work done for the baby next week (along with some real work) then hoping I can work on the outside items on my list!!

Have a great week!

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