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Week 20
~ Father's Day

My poor husband didn't have much for excitement on Father's Day. On Saturday I had given him the option of either removing the pond that day or Sunday. He chose Sunday, so on Father's Day we removed the pond from our landscaping. We just put the pond in last summer, but with Audrey it made me pretty nervous, so we both decided that it would just be better to remove it. We now have a giant hole that needs to be filled but that should be pretty easy to fix, something I can even do on my own.

We did have some fun plans for Father's Day. My mother-in-law came over to babysit Audrey and we were going to a movie and meeting some friends for dinner afterwards. Well I messed that up, I told him the wrong theater, so when we got there the movie we were going to see wasn't showing at the right time. We didn't have enough time to drive across town to the correct theater and there weren't really any other movies that allowed us to get to dinner on time so we had to completely skip the movie. OOPS! We ended up going to get a few groceries and then went to hang out with a few friends before dinner. We still had fun, but it wasn't what he was hoping for.

My new glider came in this week. I am so excited to have it; it is absolutely perfect. Audrey was actually very helpful and I was even able to put it together while she was awake and helping me. Most of the time things like that have to get done at nap or bedtime. I think she had fun helping me and she was so excited to sit on it once I got it all put together she wouldn't even let me try it! Haha

I did finish the chandelier for the baby's room. I also finished one of the crib bumpers and one part of the crib skirt. I am not happy with the crib skirt so I think I will be changing that. I was going to take a picture of the chandelier for you, but I don't have it up in the room yet. I did take a picture of it hanging from the fan in the living room, but it looks pretty silly and you can't tell how pretty it really is. So I will get a picture, but once it is up in the room.

We bought an outside play set for Audrey on craigslist this week. She absolutely loves it. I had been looking for one, but didn't really want to buy a new one, so as soon as I saw this one I lined it up to get it. My father-in-law picked it up for us, then took it to the car wash to power wash it and dropped it off for us. That was so nice and she just loves playing on it. I was hoping she would like it and it wouldn't be one of those things I thought she would like and then didn't get any use. Also, with a second baby on the way makes it a little easier knowing that we have another child that can use it as well.

Have a great week!

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