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Week 21
~ Sick

This has been a week of sickness in our house. Audrey had it first, and then I had it and finally Bobby. I actually think Audrey got over it the fastest. It was a pretty nasty cold. I had a pretty bad headache, runny nose, and congestion. Bobby actually was off from work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday because the groomers didn't want to get it. It was nice having him home, but not for the reason that he was home.

I realized this week that we had water in our basement, ugh! We are going to have a sump pump put in the sump basket, and I am hoping that the basket is just getting so full that it is backing up into the tile lines. If that is the case then it will be a pretty easy and inexpensive fix, so we are hoping that that is what that is.

We also started our landscaping project this week. We have a LOT of landscaping around our house. We decided to remove all of the rock and replace it with mulch. I thought that I could do the work in my down time. Well Bobby and I talked about it and it just isn't feasible for me lugging around a wheel barrow, etc while being pregnant. So we hired my cousin to do that part for us. He is removing the rock and then will be replacing the trimming (not the right word, but I am drawing a blank). I will be splitting a bunch of plants and planting some new ones. In addition I am hoping that I can help with the mulch even if it is just spreading it. I love doing work landscaping and stuff and I am sad that I can't do this, but it is really hard work.

We are recovering from our colds and getting some projects done, so all in all this week ended okay.

Have a great week!

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