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Week 26
~ Landscaping

26 weeksThe edging is in and the mulch has been delivered, well the first of three loads. I am really loving it; it was so much work, but man it will be so nice.

Baby is moving a lot. I am swimming 2-3 days a week in the morning; it really does feel great being in the water. I had a lot of leg/ankle pain this week. When I visited the chiropractor he told me that my flip flops weren't cutting it. He suggested that I wear tennis shoes, obviously not my first choice in the summer. I enjoy going barefoot or slipping on flip flops, but after wearing my tennis shoes for one day, the pain had greatly diminished, so I will continue with the tennis shoes and be in less pain.

Audrey's second birthday is in one month; I can't believe how fast it has gone! She is such a big girl; she is talking so much and just an absolute joy. On the other hand she has really started with the whining, I am sure her baby sister will recognize that whine after she is born! Haha

I have included a picture at 26 weeks. I didn't think that my husband was going to get my face, so my expression is a little weird.

Have a great week!


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