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Week 27
~ Doctor Visit

Our doctor visit went well. We had our ultrasound first. We are still having a girl . The ultrasound showed that the placenta has moved and is no longer considered low lying. The ultrasound tech also pointed out a patch of hair on baby's head; so cool to see. Baby is 2 lbs and 10 oz at this point and that is the 59th percentile so right on track. Baby also measured the exact same as last ultrasound as far as due date. They aren't changing the due date because it's only a few days, but both ultrasounds baby has shown a due date of October 30.

Then we met with my doctor. I really love her; she is just amazing. My weight is good, and she considers me "boring", haha, that is a good thing because it means that there isn't anything to be concerned about at this point. I also had my glucose test this week. I haven't heard anything so that means we are good. I really am watching what I am eating this time and doing well.

Our doctor appointments are now every two weeks, so exciting, that means we are getting close!!!

Have a great week!


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