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Week 28
~ Busy!

Yay, good news, our landscaping is done! I finished up (with my dad's help) putting the rest of the mulch around the remaining trees. One thing crossed of the list.

I have been doing other little things too; I feel like there are so many little things to do before the baby gets here and that isn't that far away. I organized the cupboard with the bottles and other stuff like that in there. I still want to clean all bottles and boil all the nipples so that they are ready to go. I also purchased a few new parts for my breast pump. I want to clean that all up and get it ready to use.

I found out that I didn't have as many continuing education hours for my appraisal license that I thought I had, so I have been working diligently (during naps and bedtime) to finish up the remaining hours needed before the end of August.

I also ordered the stencil for the baby's room. My sister is buying that for us as a gift for the baby. I won't be completing that until my continuing education hours are done, but hopefully before Audrey's birthday party, so that our guests can see the new baby's room.

Our city has a small movie theater and they offer free movies on Thursdays for daycare centers and kids. I thought that we could try that this week with Audrey to see how she would do. Before the movie even started she way saying "no that," and "bye, bye" so we left before the movie even started. But it was worth a try!

Next weekend I have a shower/bachelorette party and my dr appointment, should be interesting.

Have a great week!


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