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Risa's Pregnancy Journal

Week 31
~ Another Doctor Appointment

My doctor appointment went well again this week. It literally only took about two minutes to go over everything and hear/measure baby. Since I don't have any risk factors or symptoms my appointments are quick. Next appointment we will make sure that baby is head down. My doctor was pretty sure that she was, but by next time she said it will be a lot easier to tell.

Our washing machine broke. It is fixed now, but I really got behind on laundry so it might take a while to get caught up. I also had the technician look at our ice maker while he was here, that hasn't been working for a few weeks. I am glad I did, it was a quick fix and it wasn't too expensive since he was already at the house.

My sister had given me a pair of her eye glass frames a while back; I finally went in and got new lenses put in them. I now have a "new" pair of glasses. My other pair had been broken (but obviously still wearable) for quite a while, I just didn't want to spend all that money on getting new ones. Already having a pair of frames from my sister helped with the price.

This week I have been preparing for Audrey's second birthday party. We aren't doing anything spectacular, but there is cleaning and food to think about. I have been a little stressed about getting it all done, but Bobby promised me he would help me before hand so I am hoping that is true and together we can get it all ready quickly. This new puppy takes a lot of time away from me to get the things I need to get done.

Have a great week!


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