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Week 32
~ All About Audrey

We celebrated Audrey's second birthday this week. It is absolutely amazing how quickly time goes!!! We invited over family for her party on Sunday. She is at the age that she loves opening presents so it is really fun to watch her. Bobby and I got her tickets to Elmo live. It isn't until December and she has no idea that we are going (I don't think she would understand if we tried to explain it). Which means we didn't actually get her anything to open, but she is too young to realize that mommy and daddy didn't give her anything to open and we spent a lot of money on those tickets (we have awesome seats).

We also had Audrey's 2 year well check. The one question I was waiting to ask her doctor was if she needed to be transitioned to a toddler bed. She has been able to climb out of her bed for quite some time now. I wasn't ready to switch her to a toddler bed so we just put her mattress on the floor inside the crib. Her doctor assured me that that was okay. Phew, I need all the sleep I can get and trying to get a two year old to sleep in a bed does not sound fun to me.

Have a great week!


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